What is a dedicated server for?

Today, many private entrepreneurs and organizations, with not very large capital, use dedicated servers . And large companies that work with huge amounts of data and have significant databases, acquire servers for their own use or rent them. That to buy a similar server will require a lot of financial resources. For these reasons, it would be more beneficial to conclude a server rental agreement. And then free to host their large websites, while using a real physical server, and not VPS.Dedicated server is needed in order to run applications that can not work on the same server with other web sites or have high requirements for system resources. Recently, large companies that optimize the costs of developing and maintaining their own infrastructure, rent a server quite often. However, before you rent it, you need to understand that the server is not a simple thing that lies in the drawer of your office desk, but a serious computer technology that needs space in the data center. Leasing a server is primarily beneficial for those who are working on large and resource-intensive projects or are required in complete security, as well as for those who do not want to deal with data leakage, working with secret information.

After signing a dedicated server rental agreement , you can use the following services:

  • prompt response to any emergency situations;
  • ongoing information support;
  • professional assistance of HostCiti technical support specialists;
  • server reboot at the request of clients at any time of the day.

With all this we offer reliable server locations, so you can not worry about allocating a good place for the server. All serversoffered by our company are located in modern and secure data centers, including Ukrtelecom and LAKINET . Ordering a server in these data centers you will receive:

  • Your servers will always be safe, as their territory is guarded around the clock;
  • placement of servers in the racks of data centers, resulting in an excellent level of cooling;
  • the absence of a failure of its own energy carriers, since the data center operates on several independent power sources;
  • fire safety and climate control work at an excellent level.

Our company HostCiti offers you to take the opportunity to rent a physical server , and experts will help solve all the issues you may have.

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