What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated physical server (dedicated server) is a separate physical machine, all of which resources are provided to the client. The client receives full administrative access to the management of software and hardware components of the server without access restrictions.

Substantial computing power and high bandwidth of the communication channel allow placing projects of any complexity on a dedicated server: from online stores and high-traffic forums to mail servers and database servers.

We provide high-performance processors based on the Intel Xeon server line, as well as memory modules and storage media and RAID controllers from leading manufacturers.

You can use a dedicated server as a development server or create a set of virtual dedicated servers (VPS) on its basis.

How to order a dedicated server?

1. On the www.nic.ru page , select the Hosting and Servers section .

2. Select Rent a dedicated server .

3. On the rate card, click Order .

4. Select the operating system and payment period.

5. In the next block you can add additional services to the order:

Additional IP address . The cost of a dedicated server service already includes an IP address (base address), but you can order an additional one if required. 
Backup storage space is a service of additional disk space for storing backup copies. Hosted on a separate failover cluster. 
Additional IP addresses with protection against DDOS attacks – you can order up to 16 addresses with protection against DDOS. DDOS-based 
base address – this address will replace the standard base IP address that is provided as part of the dedicated server service. ISPmanager 5 Lite control panel
– A convenient panel to manage the server, with which you can perform all the basic tasks when working with the server. When a panel is selected, the software versions necessary for the stable operation of the panel are installed on the server. If you need to customize your own software, you can cancel the panel by clicking the Delete button .

6. You can leave comments on how to configure the server and additional services in the Wishes field to configure the server . Click the Go to orderbutton .

7. To complete the order, log in or click Become a client if you are not already a RU-CENTER client.

8. After completing the order information appears in the Order Log .

9. After payment the order goes to processing. Server activation takes up to 24 hours. After activating the service, a letter will be sent to your contact e-mail with details of access to the server and settings.

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