Dedicated server

Dedicated server – what is it and what is it for

Nowadays, high-tech and constantly growing loads on the servers of various Internet projects, the need for hosting services is becoming an urgent issue for owners and administrators of various web enterprises. One of these hosting services is a dedicated server. About him and will be discussed in this article.

Dedicated server is a personal dedicated server leased by client from hosting companies. They provide both the computer itself and its round-the-clock service and care for its components.

The main feature of Dedicated technology is that the entire server capacity will be assigned to one client without division into several projects unrelated to each other. This means that if you correctly calculated the required load, then the probability of failures in the operation of a dedicated server is reduced to zero.

The most important subtleties in the work of a dedicated server

At the moment when the site owner understands that he needs hosting services, he enters the provider’s site and meets face to face with a bunch of obscure terms, which are not always easy to figure out. So what are the differences and advantages of the Dedicated Server service in comparison with other offers of hosting providers.

Distinctive features of the Dedicated server service include:

  • Provision of hardware (computer) based on requests from a specific web project;
  • Personal performance pool, entirely provided to one client;
  • Location of equipment with a 24-hour connection to electricity and the Internet, armed with security and the required microclimate;
  • Permanent service and prompt replacement of failed components by data center specialists.

What is the benefit

Many young companies and startups (and older ones too) cannot boast of ideal financing at the initial stage, but the presence and connection of the server to the network is inevitable. So what benefits can be obtained by taking the Dedicated server service ?

If you compare the services Dedicated and, for example, colocation, then at first glance it may seem that the second option is more profitable, because the cost of the colocation service is significantly lower than that of a dedicated server.

However, if we take into account that when using a colocation, you must already have or urgently acquire your own “iron”, the cost of which, depending on the project, can be very substantial, as well as independently maintain it (or at an additional cost), then the financial the benefits of this service fade away

Comparison with a virtual dedicated server is not entirely logical, because on it all the productive capacity of the machine is divided between several provider customers, which affects the stability and performance of the device.

When using the Dedicated option, all that is required of you is timely payment for services and administrative management of the project (if necessary, this can also be performed by a data center specialist for an additional fee.

Dedicated is reliable

In those companies where security issues, high performance and optimal financial costs come first, the Dedicated server is a reliable and efficient method and here is why:

  • You save on the purchase of “iron” and its subsequent maintenance and upgrades;
  • You are the only owner and user of the computer, that is, you will not have to share the power of the device with other users, as happens when using a virtual dedicated server
  • Armed security, maintaining the necessary microclimate, stable electricity and the Internet in the room where the equipment is located.

Based on this, we can conclude that a dedicated server is an excellent solution for those who save their financial resources, want to use “monopoly” server resources and the stable operation of their Internet project.

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