How is VPS different from VDS?

The VPS and VDS service is suitable for sites that no longer have the resources of a classic shared hosting, and for projects that grow and develop quickly, have a large attendance. One of the advantages of VPS / GVA is low cost compared to renting physical servers (dedicated server), which often becomes a decisive factor for customers when choosing hosting services.

At HyperHost, you can order VPS and VDS , but what is the difference between these types of hosting services?

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a modern technology in hosting. Virtual Dedicated Server uses OpenVZ or Virtuozzo software virtualization technology. VPS server combines simplicity and flexibility in management with the power of a dedicated server. On the VPS, you can easily switch to a more expensive rate. But at vps hosting, the user cannot change the OS at will or make changes to the kernel that was originally installed. However, resources for the AMS are allocated flexibly and fixed.

Unlike VPS, VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) uses hardware virtualization, for example KVM, while the user is allocated a guaranteed amount of resources. This makes it possible to reinstall the OS depending on the needs, in contrast to the VPS. You can install any operating system on KVM. This technology provides complete isolation of your virtual dedicated server from its “neighbors”. Please note that in order to switch to a more powerful tariff, the hosting company will need to restart VDS. 

The main principles of vps / vds hosting work: there are practically no restrictions on the number of sites, domains, databases, ssh / ftp / e-mail users, only the resources provided are limited; The administrator of the VPS / VDS receives the rights to work with the server as with a real PC.

From all the above, we can conclude that the concepts of VPS and VDS are essentially related, because this is a solution, when several virtual servers reside on the same physical server, the main difference is virtualization technology. In more detail, the popular methods of virtualization of virtual dedicated servers we described in a previous article .

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