Transferring domains from a Beget registrar to another registrar

The transfer of information about the domain name to another registrar is carried out by the domain name administrator through the AuthInfo code. 
The issuance of the AuthInfo-code is carried out in full compliance with the Regulations of the Coordination Center of the national Internet domain domain “On the procedure to be applied when transferring support for information on the domain name between registrars” . 

The domain name administrator may request AuthInfo code from our site here . 
To receive, you need to enter in the form the domain for which you need to get an AuthInfo-code, as well as email or phone administrator domain, depending on where you want to get the code. 
Provided that the data has been entered correctly, a verification code will be sent to the domain administrator’s email or phone, which will need to be entered in the form on the AuthInfo code request page. Thus, if the code entered into the form is correct, we make sure that the administrator has access to the domain administrator’s email or phone, send the AuthInfo code for transfer to this email or phone. 

AuthInfo code is usually sent within 5-10 minutes. 
Delays can occur only if we suspect that the request for an AuthInfo code is made not by the domain name administrator. In this case, within a maximum of 3 business days, we will send you a request for information about the administrator of the domain name. 

The request for the AuthInfo code is free on our part, the conditions and cost of transferring the domain from the registrar receiving the domain are set by the registrant receiving the domain. 

AuthInfo-code is valid for 20 days. 

The transfer may not take place if there are restrictive factors for the domain described in the “Domain Name Registration Rules in .RU and .РФ” and in the Regulation “On the procedure to be applied when transferring support for information about the domain name between registrars” Coordination Center domains RU / RF. 
The transfer of a domain to another registrar is not possible in the case of:
– if the term of registration of the domain has expired or ends in the next 7 days;
– if 30 days have not passed since the administrator received administrative rights from another person; 
– if the domain coincides with the designation included in the stop list; 
– If a trial is underway in respect of the specified domain name; 
– if a domain has one of the prohibition statuses in the Registry of domain names .RU / .РФ; 
– if the administrator authentication process was started.

Transfer of domains in international zones from Beget registrar to another registrar

Domains in the international zone are transferred using the secret key (EPP-key), which you can request in the control panel in the “Domains” section opposite your domain, as well as in the “Help and Support” section , providing the name of your domain.

After receiving the key for transfer, you can notify it to the new administrator, after which the domain must be transferred within 10 days.

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