What is a dedicated server

So, what is a dedicated server (Dedicated Server), and what is it used for? A dedicated server is used for so-called dedicated hosting, that is, hosting, in which the client is provided with a separate server for full use. In contrast to dedicated hosting, there is virtual hosting, when several accounts are located on the same server at once (often dozens, and sometimes hundreds).

What are dedicated servers used for ? Firstly, they provide significant benefits to the user who rents them.

The benefits are, in fact, quite a few. The most important thing is that the server and all its resources actually belong to one user. This means that it can choose the type of operating system to be installed on the server, the type of database, install those programs that it deems necessary, even unique and self-written, in general, interfere with the server configuration in the way it deems necessary and which one best suited to solve his problems. With virtual  hosting all this is impossible, because the user shares the machine resources with other users, and has to adjust to the server configuration that the hoster provides.

Also, a dedicated server can be used in the case when the site requires a large amount of resources. Another advantage is that a dedicated server gives much greater confidence in stable and uninterrupted operation than a server with dozens and dozens of different accounts on it.

But this is not the only scope of dedicated servers. In addition to convenience, solving some specific tasks, maximum adjustment to the wishes and requirements of the client, dedicated servers often solve a number of purely technical problems.

For example, a database installed on a server may consume such a large amount of resources that will make it impossible for web applications to work. Then it also needs to be placed on a dedicated server. Often, a dedicated server can be used to separate the location of databases and a web server. If they are located on different machines, with technical work on the web server, the database will be available to customers, that is, uninterrupted access to the necessary resources will be provided. All the best hosting on one site!

Another task that dedicated servers solve is the restriction of access, and the difficulty of unauthorized access to information. For example, an attacker who gains access to a web server will not be able to gain full access to the databases if they are stored on a separate server.

Thus, a dedicated server, and, accordingly, dedicated hosting has many advantages over virtual hosting. Naturally, this affects its price – it is higher for dedicated hosting. But the dedicated hosting provides opportunities – much more. Therefore, when choosing between virtual and dedicated hosting, the user must answer two questions – what requirements does he place on the hosting, and what capabilities does he really need.

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