How I Chose The VPS Server

I have been creating websites for a long time, I experienced many different hosts, first free, then cheap, then expensive, until I stopped at three hosting companies located in different countries, which I was completely satisfied with.

However, more and more often came across the offers for renting VPS / VDS servers, and their advantages made us think about testing a virtual dedicated server, as they say, on their own skin.

This turned out to be not a very simple matter, but through trial and error I still became a satisfied owner of a VPS server. And the search process became the basis for this article, which is likely to be useful for someone.

So, like all newcomers to this business, first of all I decided to try my luck at  FirstVDS . After all, the prices are the lowest there and the ISPmanager Lite server control panel is available on all servers for free, and without it, as I was advised in the forums, the newbie with VPS has nothing to do.

Quickly registering, I began the process of ordering the server. I chose the cheapest VDS-Start tariff (149 rubles / month), rejoicing once again for such good conditions for beginners, and already prepared money for the first three months.

But not everything was so good further – when choosing an operating system to be installed on the server, I found that for the lower tariff plan, the OS installs the OS only in the minimal configuration, i.e. without ISPmanager.

Climbing the entire FirstVDS site in search of explanations, I didn’t find anything, except for the line “ISPmanager Lite server control panel is installed free of charge on each VDS / VPS server”. Well, there is nothing to do, armed with this phrase, I had to write to the support service.

After exactly 8 hours (namely, at night, at 00.30 MSK, what was the thought that I had crept in – can they have an office in the USA?) The answer came that they say, indeed, this panel is installed on all servers, but on VDS-Start server resources They are so small (!?) that ISPmanager Lite is NOT recommended for installation. And they advised him to use a more expensive rate.

Having studied the VDS-Acceleration rate, which was already worth 249 rubles / month, I became thoughtful … There was already 16 GB of disk space, 768 MB was also enough memory, but the 600 MHz processor confused me. Who knows, if it was impossible to even run ISPmanager on a 300 MHz server, then it turns out that all the power will go to the panel, what then will remain to my sites ??

I remind you that even though I was quite an experienced user and had several dozen sites, I had no idea what kind of VPS server I needed … I wasn’t going to transfer all my sites yet, I just wanted to try my hand and appreciate the advantages VPS. And then it turned out that you just need to choose the option more expensive and more powerful.

Having remembered that my favorite domain registrar for some time now also provides for renting VPS servers, I went to it. The conditions were good, but you already had to pay some money for the ISPmanager control panel.

Having studied other offers on the market, I realized that the situation with VPS / VDS servers is very deplorable. For servers of similar capacity, they asked for much more serious sums of money, but I could not understand the difference in price.

In the end, I began to read reviews and reviews on independent resources, believing that people would not just write positive reviews on the Internet. However, when I studied the so-called “best offers on the market”, I saw that the conditions there were even worse, and the prices were even higher.

For example, for renting a VPS server with 2 GB of free disk space, one very respected hoster requested 350 rubles, while at FirstVDS a server of the same capacity (300 MHz) offered already 8 GB for only 149 rubles! At the same time, nobody already offered ISPmanager in this company for free, and it was necessary to pay for it an additional 300 rubles per month! Well, apart from the fact that the control panel also did not recommend using it at a lower rate

“Something is wrong here …” – I thought. What are all the users happy about? Do they really know something that I can’t understand with my unsatisfied higher education?

Yet a good reputation on the Internet is a serious argument and at least half the success. But let’s think about how the average user behaves.

If the product or service suits him perfectly, then he quietly and calmly uses it, without appealing to the public. Well, in a pinch, share his successful experience with friends.

But if something goes wrong, and the product or service does not meet the promised quality, then the disgruntled user starts to blow it at all angles! Moreover, one dissatisfied user can eclipse with his noise several hundred satisfied people who do not even think of writing reviews about the purchased product / service on the Internet.

And, having experience working with clients, I know that in 90% of cases the user begins to be outraged, simply without understanding, without reading the instructions, without making an effort.

Therefore, the situation is usually the exact opposite of the state of affairs: if there are a lot of negative reviews, it means there are A LOT of users, some of whom are satisfied, and some have received less and need satisfaction

And if everything is too good and it becomes cloying from positive reviews, it means either the reviews are written by the hired people, or the negative reviews are stupidly deleted. And most often both that, and another together.

In general, finally getting confused, I already wanted to go back to FirstVDS and buy a VDS-Gap, which I should have been exactly enough for (1800 MHz / 1536 MB / 24 GB) for 399 rubles a month, but then I stumbled upon a hosting company Fornex.

I don’t know what I liked first – powerful processors, a free ISPmanager panel or relatively low prices, but after carefully examining all the advantages, after half an hour I registered domains on my new VPS server.

It turned out that a virtual dedicated server is no more complicated than a simple hosting, but there are many advantages. But that’s another story …

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