How to choose the right hosting?

Choosing the right hosting is half the success of your Internet project! The choice of hosting, no matter what, both paid and shareware hosting should be approached very, very weighed. If you decide to create a website, then this is your personal blog, or it will be a corporate website of your organization, close attention should be paid to the name of the website (in its name or domain, if properly named – domain). Translated from the English domain, a zone means an area on the Internet. The entire domain name space is divided into domains that are organized according to the hierarchy principle (domains that are younger are part of large ones).

When choosing a hosting, it will be correct to foresee the number of its visitors.If you are planning a highly specialized website, let’s say somewhere for 7-12 people a day, then you can use free hosting, or the budget option of paid hosting.

 If you create a huge site that will have many new visitors, which you will constantly update, post archives – you should pay close attention to a serious hosting tariff package that includes support for specific functions, without which no active form will work normally on your big site. And remember, the site with which you work has the same property as the new refrigerator – at first it seems to you that its volume is sufficient, after a couple of months or six months, you have nowhere to put beer. So with the site, today you just need a couple of pages,

The type of hosting also has a direct dependence on the number of visits per day:

  • if you have 10-1000 visitors per day, then virtual hosting will do for you;
  • if you have 1 000-20 000 visitors per day, then you need, you just need a dedicated virtual server;
  • if you have more than 20,000 visitors per day – this is even more serious, you need a dedicated dedicated server.

Geographical targeting of visitors is also an important factor to choose from. If the lion’s share of your customers is, for example, from Ukraine, then you need to choose Ukrainian, not foreign hosting. For many netizens, Ukrainian traffic is often unlimited. And the fact that your website is located in Ukraine will be very profitable for them.

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