Choosing a hosting

When choosing a hosting site for your future or an existing site, the first question you will encounter will be the choice of platform. We recommend choosing a hosting platform not based on well-known facts, which platform is better, but be guided by the actual requirements for your resource. Remember, the choice of hosting platform does not affect the operating system installed on your laptop or workstation. 

    If you plan to use the functions of ASP.NET and MSSQL on your site as well as other applications from the global corporation Microsoft, then you need to find yourself a hosting provider who can provide services on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platform.

    On the other hand, if your site will use PHP and MySQL, your choice is Unix or Linux hosting. Consider their advantages and features. 

Unix (Linux)Servers are known as a powerful and stable choice for Internet hosting services. And with its proper administration, Unix (Linux) can withstand a very large load, it perfectly copes with a very large number of simultaneous requests to MySQL servers. Unix (Linux) is currently one of the most stable and fairly inexpensive solutions, featuring very high load resistance and a very high percentage of uptime or uptime. Unix-based servers can work for years without rebooting. There are quite a few professionals who can serve such servers in Ukraine, which cannot be said about Microsoft Windows Server 2003 certified specialists.

   Hosting services on a Unix platform from abcname provide excellent stability and high performance. 

Quality, as well as reliable server hardware, round-the-clock monitoring of our servers by administrators and professional technical support will allow you to forget about any problems with hosting. At the moment we provide hosting services on the Linux operating system with the Apache web server, a modern MySQL database management system and support for programming languages ​​such as PHP and Perl, which is the most popular and inexpensive solution in the field of Internet hosting. In the near future plans to expand the fleet of servers and the acquisition of an Internet server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

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